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Buy In Cyprus is a premier company dedicated to enriching lives through exceptional properties, harmonizing lifestyle with real estate. Specializing in the vibrant Cyprus market, the company extends its services to overseas investors, ensuring meticulous due diligence at every step.


With an unwavering commitment to quality and transparency, Buy In Cyprus goes beyond traditional real estate, crafting experiences that align with investors' aspirations. Through a blend of market expertise, personalized guidance, and a vast portfolio of properties, the company not only offers dwellings but also presents a pathway to an enriched and fulfilling lifestyle for investors seeking to make Cyprus their home.

Our Team & Associates

Chris Theophanous

Chris Theophanous

Managing Director

Property Investment Specialist

Licensed Real Estate Agent since 1998.

Reg No.368. License No.124. 

Chris Christodoulou

Chris Christodoulou

Real Estate Professional

Cyprus Exclusive Resales

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-05 at 12.23.52_647770b8- CYPRUS.jpg

Ashu Sood

Dubai Representative

Real Estate Professional

Marios Phillipou

Marios Phillipou Taliotis

Chartered Accountant

Cyprus Based Accountant

Specialist in Cyprus Tax Benefits

Aris Nicolson

Aris Nicolson

Barrister At Law & Tax Lawyer

UK Based Tax Consultant

UK Inheritance Tax

Cyprus Law Firm

Michael Kyprianou & Co LLC.

Legal Specialists

Prominent Cyprus Legal Consultants


Michel Theophanous

Multi-Media Specialist

Cyprus Based Designer

Belinda Pinto

Belinda Pinto

Owner of Intuition Designs

International Brand Strategist

Cyprus Property

Make well-informed decisions with the assistance of our experienced and licensed professionals.

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